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Stuff Gay People Like: Acronyms

You ought ton’t be amazed that a grouped community of individuals called “LGBTQQIAS” could be fans of acronyms. They started off as Homosexual, then Gay, then Gay and Lesbian, then GLBT, then LGBTQ, as soon as it had been settled that the amalgamation of letters was restricted neither by convenience nor by everyone else once you understand exactly exactly what the letters are a symbol of, it went entropically away from control.

The truth is, an institution that is major homosexual tradition would be to determine principles too complicated to suit into single terms through acronyms. And there are numerous of these.

When you run into a D&DF guy trying to find a LTR, UB2, who’s a part of this MSU GSA and QPOC, be ready to embrace a foreign language.

“LGBTQQIAAS” means lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, and directly. Often conservative homosexual individuals along with conservative straight individuals ponder over it “political correctness run amok” that they need to keep in mind all those letters to prevent critique. In fact, they will have never been criticized, and not will soon be criticized, for perhaps maybe not remembering most of the letters, because no body recalls most of the letters, with no you have ever told them they need to.

“VGL” is considered the most abused acronym within the lexicon that is gay because dishonest as “seven-inch cock” (which will be interpreted to mean “four to six inches.”) VGL is normally utilized on line, and it's also a self-description that stands for “very good-looking.” However in application it indicates he posts pictures of his human body along with his face cropped away, expects one to just take his term than he is actually in for it that he’s hot, and thinks he can talk his way into a higher league.

“LTR” means “long term relationship,” that he'll state he could be desperately searching for, in which case he will say he isn’t really predisposed to long-term relationships and that must have been a typo unless he isn’t that in to you.

“GSA” appears “for gay-straight alliance,” which can be the club where most of the college that is queer that will drag college out until they’re 40 go out.

“BFE” means “butt-fucking Egypt,” referring to your suburbs, or elsewhere which you never ever go to.

“D&D Free” is another term that is abused. Literally, it indicates “drug and condition free,” nonetheless it more accurately means “I’ve never ever been tested,” as soon as followed closely by “UB2” this means “I’d rather provide you with one thing me one thing. than you give”

“FWB” or “friends with benefits” are people who've intercourse with one another but don't love one another; the same as a normal heterosexual wedding except with sex.

“PFLAG” is when you send out your parents that are homophobic get de-programmed when you turn out to them. It’s short for “Parents, Families and buddies of Lesbians And Gays.” There they’ll explain homosexuality in conservative terms like “it’s perhaps maybe not an option” and “your son is certainly nevertheless a virgin, and can relax and locate a long-lasting partner,” and certainly will give them a slow-drip of contact with homosexual tradition it all at once because they wouldn’t be able to handle.

“420” means “my only skill that is social moving a pipeline,” which is the reason why this individual is certain to really make it the very first thing you understand about positive singles website him.

“NSA” means “no-strings-attached,” which means that “if we connect, I’m the only person who is able to decide if there’s a reason doing it once more.”

“PnP” is short for “party and play,” to be read as “I don’t expect you'll live past 30, so screw it.”

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